Bishop's Counseling for Women
Helping Women Live Life Abundantly

Our Beliefs

Bishop’s Counseling for Women believes that we were created to know one another, and to be known. We wish for women to seek a greater understanding of who they are, and in turn be free to share themselves with others. We believe the opportunity to know who you are, share who you are, and ultimately affect change in your own life rests with vulnerability and self awareness. We also recognize it is only possible to be vulnerable when you feel safe. This has shaped the vision and mission for Bishop’s Counseling for Women.



individual counseling

Individual Counseling allows you the opportunity to work through a wide array of issues that are important to you as a woman. We strive to refocus the therapeutic process back to the issues women struggle with on a daily basis.


teen counseling

Teen Counseling allows your Child to take some time to focus on themselves and their own issues. We understand the struggle of young girls today and will speak openly and authentically with them about their inherent self worth.



Relationship Counseling allows you the opportunity to seek counseling with your partner to address issues that may require more than individual counseling can accomplish. We recommend you work together in a safe place to focus on your relationship.



If you are in your mid 20’s to 30’s and are struggling with “Adulting”, we are here to help you gain clarity on your individualized passions and goals, while becoming grounded during this difficult period of life.